3 Popular Celebrities Who Have Flaunted Their Baby Bumps This Month, January 2022



Many celebrities are fond of sharing photos of their baby bumps on social media, and we can’t help but confess on how adorable it looks. This is the first month of the year, and some pregnant celebrities have already thrilled us by flaunting their baby bumps.

Let’s have a look at these 3 female celebrities who have flaunted their baby bumps this month, January 2022.

1)Kylie Jenner

The 24 years old American reality TV star has flaunted her cute baby bump on Instagram 2 times this year, and has trended for that.

In Kylie Jenner’s second post of the year which she made some hours ago on her Instagram page with over 297million followers, she flaunted her cute baby bump in it and captioned it ‘I am woman’.

Photo Credit: Instagram.

2)Kash Doll

The popular American rapper who revealed that she was expecting her first child back in November 2021, has also been flaunting her baby bump this year.

In a post the superstar made some hours ago, she put her cute baby bump on display as she rocked a blue lingerie, and captioned it, ‘Green is for Kash, now hurry up son’.

3)Korra Obidi

The popular Nigerian dancer and musician has flaunted her cute baby bump many times this year. She has flaunted her baby bump in her dance videos, pictures and so on.

In her first post of the year, Korra Obidi flaunted her cute baby bump in a video. Recall that the superstar revealed she was pregnant back in 2021.

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