”5 Naira is equal to 50 Pounds”

A hilarious video making the rounds online shows the moment a Nigerian man was misinforming a white lady about the value of the Naira against the British Pounds.

He explained that the equivalent of 5 Naira in UK is 50 Pounds. He also said that 500 Pounds when converted would amount to 50 Naira.

The woman, however did not seem to believe his explanation as she had a look of doubt on her face, while he continued to explain that if she were to visit a bank with N55, she would be given Β£550.

Watch the funny video HERE

Nigerians who watched the clip trooped to social media to share their reactions..

jenniphernnoli; even her spirit knows it’s a lie

official_dikke; She was totally confused

profswaggy; Ara adugbo!! tun tun ti de oo!!! Zaaazuuu!!!zeeeh!!! Oye ke ti magbo

bekeebaby419; …The guy was even doubting his lie

i_am_zorah; don’t we all wish ?

iam_salansa; 5 Naira again



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