A man collapses at a Bet9ja shop after losing a N200k loan [Video]

A guy slumped at a Bet9ja shop after allegedly losing money, there was misunderstanding and tension.

He reportedly borrowed N200,000 and utilized it to play a bet, but he tragically lost everything.


A video that is becoming viral online shows the man unconscious on the ground outside a Bet9ja store after the defeat.


In related news After her boyfriend thanked his mother for everything she did for him, the lady who had spent money on her boyfriend to make sure he enjoyed himself on his birthday has voiced her remorse.

“Y’all, I ain’t never been that embarrassed in my life,” the woman tweeted. I bought this man a big bottle of Casamigos for his birthday, along with a present bag filled with balloons. I also paid for his haircut. Why did he write on Instagram that his mother had given him all of that stuff?

“At the end of the day, my heart and intentions were pure,” she continued. Someday, someone will value what I do for them.


Author: KennyMedia

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