A Nigerian woman living abroad who sends money home for her son’s maintenance bemoans the state she found him in when she unexpectedly came back (Video)

A Nigerian lady living abroad vented on social media when she arrived home to discover that her son, to whose guardian she had been providing money for his maintenance, appeared to have been abandoned.

The single mother said she works really hard abroad and sends all of her earnings home in order to make sure her young kid has a nice life here in Nigeria in a video she posted on social media mourning the circumstances she met her son in.

She had apparently left her young son in the hands of the locals before she arrived in the country and was incredibly disappointed to meet him in that messy condition.

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The youngster sported really ratty clothing and filthy slippers in the video

She captioned the video, “Working very hard and sending all your money home just to find your child looking like this.”

The video has since gained popularity and sparked many online comments.

Watch Video Below:


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See some comments as you scroll:

@Sam_coolcat wrote,

“They didn’t know you are coming else they will dress him like a prince.”


“Nobody and i say nobody can care for your child the way you’d wish to ,u just appreciate you’ve found them intact with a broken rib then clean them up”


“Don’t mind dear if he is alive and healthy thank God my own child is death I left just for 3year now I have to go back and visit my child at the grave”.

@Rita Rii,

“I used to send money home but my mum never bought anything to my son ilikua inauma kuona dooh nimetuma yy anabuyia my brother”.

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