Abroad-based man returns home to discover that someone is building house on his land


A Zambian man, Anthony Mukwita recently came back to his home country after nearly a decade of living abroad.

Mukwita served as the deputy ambassador at the Embassy of Zambia in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was based with his wife Elaine and two children, Lubinda and Lushomo.

The diplomat was looking forward to having a wonderful Christmas with his family upon his return to his homeland only for him to meet a shocking discovery.

He his wife Elaine went to visit one of his pieces of land in his hometown and found that someone had started building a house on it.

Sharing photos, Mukwita wrote;

“Some wise guy has started and is almost completing building a four bedroomed house. The land is jointly in our name spouse and me. What would you do?”


Author: KennyMedia

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