According to reports, the assistant pastor faints as the head pastor proposes to his fiancée.

A senior pastor engaged a young woman at an event in Ekiti, causing drama and uncertainty at a church in Oyo.

The assistant pastor’s girlfriend was reportedly the target of the head pastor’s marriage proposal, which raised eyebrows among churchgoers.

The woman in question reportedly dated both the assistant pastor and the senior pastor, but none of them was aware of the other.

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It was learned that the woman also serves as the church’s choir mistress.

The clergyman wanted to surprise her by popping the question to her during a church event, but the assistant was there.

He asked for her hand in marriage by getting down on one knee and pulling a ring out of his pocket. She nodded in agreement and held out her hand for the senior priest to place the ring.

The assistant cleric collapsed on the pulpit as he saw her accept the offer. Later, after being revived by a few men, the senior pastor learned what had caused the man to faint.


The pastor proposed to the woman while his aide was passing out in the background, and the moment was caught on camera.

It also generated a mixed reactions from social media user.;

What’s going on here I pity the guy sha


The last picture is for me




is the breakfast is served in the presence of the lord for me


Just wow is all I have to say






Why now, in the presence of the Lord, orisirisi is happening


Na the lady crush be that


fainting mood activated


Wahala promax


Chai! Breakfast well served


When you lay your life to serve pastor unsteady if serving God, this is what you gain from men who preaches evils in their mind.

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