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Have you seen the beautiful wife and children of popular Billionaire E-Money? The Anambra State born billionaire has a beautiful family. He is blessed with not just material wealth but with human wealth. He is blessed with a perfect size of family. Most rich men don’t usually fancy too many children. They just like to have two to three children. E-Money falls in this category of rich men.

Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-Money is married to beautiful Juliet Okonkwo. They are blessed with three children. They are all boys. They are all growing rapidly. The children of E-Money are schooling in the United Kingdom where E-Money and his wife Juliet used to base before. They are getting the best of education in the United Kingdom. Their parents can afford it.

Emeka Okonkwo and his wife Juliet used to base in the United Kingdom before they returned back to Nigeria to establish and manage their business. E-Money has chains of businesses. He has a shipping company, a music label known as Five Star Music and other businesses. E-Money is doing absolutely amazing as a business man.

E-Money bad nothing before he married his beautiful wife Juliet. He met Juliet in Lagos when she returned from the United Kingdom. Juliet had lost his parents when she was young. So she was living in the United Kingdom with her Aunt. Juliet is well educated. She had her education in the United Kingdom.

At the time E-Money met Juliet, he had nothing and was living in a suburb in Lagos known as Ajegunle. All E-Money had that time was his dreams and aspirations. They both got married and started building from the scratch. Today, E-Money is one of the most successful young man in the country. He is very rich and influential.

The saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman could be well related to the E-Money story. His wife has been his source of luck, support and inspiration. He is now a very wealthy man. This is why E-Money doesn’t joke with his wife Juliet Okonkwo. He is doing everything to be the best husband to his beautiful wife Juliet.

Juliet is managing one of E-Money’s companies. She is doing absolutely great as a wife, a mother and a career woman. She is combining all three and handling it perfectly well. She is a good wife and a good mother to her three sons. E-Money and Juliet actually look cute together. They fit each other very well. They make a perfect couple.

E-Money is the younger brother of popular musician Kingsley Okonkwo also known as K-CEE. Kingsley Okonkwo is signed under the record label of his younger brother E-Money. They are both relating well as brothers. They also look very much alike. They are both product of the popular Ajegunle area of Lagos. Today their story have changed.

E-Money has a beautiful wife and wonderful children. He doesn’t joke with his family. You don’t need to look at his children twice to know that their father is very wealthy. They are all well taking care of. They are schooling in the best schools abroad. They do sometimes go on vacation to different countries. They are enjoying the best of life.

E-Money has the perfect size of family. They are a really beautiful family. E-Money and his wife are from Anambra State in the South Eastern part of the Country. See the family of this young billionaire below.

They make a beautiful and ideal family. Where there is money, there is happiness.

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