After 11 years, Vic O explains why his highly anticipated song with Jay Z never dropped (Watch video)

Nigerian rapper, Victor Ncha Odu popularly known as Vic O, has taken to social media to explain why a track he was supposed to record with American rap mogul, Jay Z never happened.

According to the internet sensation, before he returned to Nigeria in 2011, a fan claiming to be Jay Z’s sibling approached him and said that the US Hip Hop head wished to record a track together.

However, when Vic O landed in Nigeria 11 years ago, he lost his contacts, so he could no longer get in touch with the alleged brother of Jay Z.

But he later got to realise that the fan was just playing around, however, the news of the anticipated collabo had already spread, and the Nigerian artiste revealed that was questioned about it during an interview.

He shared a video where he shared the story and captioned;

”The Truth about #jayz & I Vic.O having a track together. And I want to advice other public figures out there.. Before taking any news to social media or interviews do your findings well before doing that.. Believe me I’ve learned my lesson from this single mistake….. Remain blessed and stay safe.”

Watch video HERE

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