All my co-workers have laptop except me

A young man has taken to microblogging site, Twitter to reveal how proud his father was after he bought a laptop for him as Christmas gift.

According the lad with username @anteuzi, he bought laptops for his parents ,and his dad was over joyous because he is the only one who does not have a laptop in his office.

He said his dad spoke on how he would take the gift to work and show his colleagues what his sin got for him.

@anteuzi wrote; ”Bought my dad and mom laptops for Christmas and my dad said “I’m so excited now I get to bring this to work. All my coworkers bring their laptops and I never have one but now I can show them what my kids got me”

Honestly probably the cutest thing my dad has said.”

Like I was trying to keep it together but he followed up with how he never got things or gifts like this when he was a kid, now sir you’re really trying to get some waterworks out”

See his post:

Netizens found the gesture heartwarming and took to his comment section to comment

@TheJensofSweden; Nooo that’s the dad version of “I can’t wait to show the other kids at school”

@nxyvp; Spoiling parents is probably one of the best feelings

@VasaceFibonacci; He’s about to have a big ass strut into the office lol “good morning Bill, nice laptop. Oh this? Just a little something my kid got me, only the fastest and latest in cutting edge technology *pat pat*”

@RamlaSeidu; It sounds like those moments years back when they got you something new and you were eager to show it to your classmates the next day.

May God grant us all the grace to bring our parents and guardians for all the moments they chose us over their needs and wants.

@tiffiexcx; I think getting my parents gifts is always the best part for me. They’re reactions are always so pure and wholesome

@Hugobuzzz; Got my mum my perfume and told her anytime you miss, just wear the perfume and smell me, you would be comforted that I am around you, the smile she had when I said that meant everything to me.

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