Are you sure he didn’t dupe you?

A man found out that his best friend almost got him fired after he took him on a casual visit to his newly built house.

The house owner took his best friend to show him the house he built, but the friend snapped pictures and sent it to his guy’s boss.

After sending the pictures of the house, he suggested that his best friend’s boss should probe him for alleged fraudulent activities.

The boss then sent the same pictures to the same employer they told him to be watchful of, and informed him that his bestfriend is seeking his downfall.

The Twitter user who shared the story said that when the man’s bestfriend visited his place for Christmas, a fight broke out.

Read the write-up: ”My neighbor took his Best-Friend to his newly built house. BF took pictures & send to the friend’s Boss with caption “Are you sure your accountant haven’t duped you?”

Boss forwarded the msg to his staff (builder) saying your BF is an Enemy. BF Came for Xmas – fight everywhere.”

Author: KennyMedia

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