Boxing legend Mike Tyson “My expiration date is imminent, and I’m close to passing out,”

“My expiration date is imminent, and I’m close to passing out,” says boxing legend Mike Tyson Boxing legend Mike Tyson said he thinks his time is running out.

On his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast, the 56-year-old former heavyweight boxing champion expressed his belief that his “expiration date” is quickly approaching. Sean McFarland is a therapist who specializes in trauma and addiction.

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Of course, we will all pass away at some point, Tyson remarked. Then, when I see those tiny dots on my face in the mirror, I think, “Wow. That indicates that my expiration date is rapidly approaching.
Then Tyson declared that he didn’t think having money brought the happiness and security that other people do.

Tyson declared, “Money don’t matter s**t to me.

“I usually tell individuals that they can’t expect someone to love them when they have a lot of money because they believe that money will make them happy and they have never had money before. With 500 billion dollars at your disposal, how am I supposed to declare my love for you?

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“An illusion of security. You think that nothing bad can happen.

You don’t think the banks could fail, right?

“When you have a lot of money, you think you’re invincible, which isn’t true. I usually remark that money is a false sense of security because of this.

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