Bus conductor who emerged chess champion in Lagos gets almost N1m in donations

An 18-year-old boy who works as a bus conductor, is gradually on his way to having millions in his account after emerging the overall champion in a chess tournament organised by Chess in slums Africa.

Adeoye Fawaz was named the chess champion after beating 50 other kids in chess and mental math competition.

Chess in slums Africa is an organisation which uses the game as a framework to promote education and raise champions from low communities.

The group recently organised chess contest for “51 homeless children” living under the bridge in Oshodi, a hustling and bustling area of Lagos state.

The founder, Tunde Onakayo, announced at the end of the tournament that Fawaz emerged as the overall champion in both chess and mental math.

“Adeoye Fawaz, an 18 year old boy who works as a bus conductor and has lived years of his life under Oshodi bridge emerged as our overall champion in both chess and mental maths. A star is born,” he wrote.

He further revealed that following the boy’s win, he received nearly N1millionin donation from well-meaning Nigerians.

Tunde Onakoya wrote; ”I remember when Fawaz won 200 naira during Mental maths training and was raving about how he’ll use it to buy a proper meal (Bread and beans).

Now his prize winnings from people’s contributions is almost a million naira. Look at God.”

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