Check Out How Handsome These 4 Popular Comedians Look Outside Their Comedy Costumes


The Nigerian comedy industry has grown rapidly over the years, thanks to social media platforms. As a result, many talented Nigerian comedians have taken advantage of these social media platforms to earn money and fame for themselves. The unique thing about these comedians is that most of them have distinct costumes that set them apart. Well, in this article we will be taking a good look at how handsome a few male comedians look outside their comedy costumes.

Steve Chuks 

Steve Chuks happens to be one of the fast-rising Nigerian actors/content creators. The 23-year-old Anambra Indigene is famous for his female character Cleopatra. On his Instagram and Facebook accounts, the Internet sensation has over 300,000 followers.


Josh Alfred is famous for originating the popular “don’t leave me challenge”. He is also known for playing female characters and dressing in hilarious costumes in his comedy skits.

Mad Johnny 

Another social media comedian who shields his good looks in costumes is the popular cross-dressing comedian, called Mad Johnny


 Isaac Aloma Jr is one of the Instagram comedians who have grown rapidly in the comedy industry. The 29-year-old comedian usually duplicates himself in most of his comedies, playing several roles all by himself.

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