“Classmates who made fun of me for not paying my tuition are now making an effort to connect with me,” Joeboy

Joeboy, a well-known Afropop artist in Nigeria, has encouraged schools to stop making fun of students who are unable to pay their tuition.

In an interview with journalist and broadcaster Chude Jideonwo, he made the plea and added that they should also cease beating pupils for the same reason.

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Joeboy also remembered how ashamed he felt in high school for being the one who couldn’t afford his fees.

The singer of “Alcohol” claims that his peers called him out at school once when the administration tried to punish students whose parents had not yet paid their school fees.

He claimed that despite their repeated attempts to get through to him, he continues to ignore them.

There may be difficulties along the way, such as exam failures or unpaid tuition fees, according to Joeboy. For example, in one section, the payment was for school costs, yes. That was so embarrassing, I have to tell schools about it on tape. I don’t know whether they still do it, but if a youngster owes school fees, just tell them not to attend to school instead of calling them out and telling them they owe school money.

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One more thing they used to do was flog kids who didn’t pay their school fees. Because the youngster is currently without funds, I must put that Do not humiliate the child because he owes school fees in front of anyone who owns a school that is watching this.

I recall one instance when I was in JS3 because they used to come to this class to name those who owe school fees, and it was pretty embarrassing for me at that moment because I think it hurt my self-esteem too.

People were saying things like Aminfewa Joseph before they even said anything, so I can still remember them now and still think of them. They have attempted to contact me, but I simply ignore them, asking, “Why are you talking to me?” They may not have meant it but, e pain me.

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