Comedian, Sirbalo Builds An 8 Bedroom House For His Mother (Photos)

Popular Instagram content creator and Comedian, Obotuke Timothy, also known as SirBalo, has taken to social media to showcase the newly completed 8 bedroom house he built for his parents.

As he shared the photos, SirBalo remembered how his mother used to pray for him to be successful, and now that the prayer is working, it is only right that he rewards her efforts.

In his words ;

Just completed an 8-bed room house for my lovely Mother. I remember 2014 -2015 when I was a BARMAN at CHAMBER GARDEN in IGANDO. Every 6 am my mom will call me a pray with me till 6:30 am (devotion) and she will end the prayer with. My son one day you will make me PROUD. That pray is working now IYAMI. Iyami ma jeun omo. ♥️♥️


In other news, a South African businessman identified on Twitter as @Karidas has visited his social media page to talk about how he built a house for his mother.


According to Twitter user, @Karidas, he worked towards the moment his entire life because he went through real poverty with his mother when he was growing up. He has now achieved his life-long dream as he completed the new house and welcomed her to her new home.

His post reads ;

I’ve been debating with myself on whether I should share this: I hope this inspires someone out there.
I’ve been working towards this moment my entire life, my mom and I went through real poverty when I was growing up. There were nights where there simply just wasn’t any food left. I’d hear her crying herself to sleep sometimes, and she’d put her head on the pillow because she thought I wouldn’t hear anything. Ever since I was a little kid, I made it a point that I would take care of her.
At the end of last year I asked her to come to stay with me for “Covid Reasons”, but really I just wanted time to build & surprise her with a new house. On Mother’s day a few weeks ago she came back & I welcomed her to her new home & invited her close friends.

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