Few Tips On How To Create Your Own Stickers On What’s App

Few Tips On How To Create Your Own Stickers On What's App

Few Tips On How To Create Your Own Stickers On What’s App

Users of the instant messaging service WhatsApp now have the option to design their own unique stickers within WhatsApp Web thanks to a new feature. According to the business, the feature is presently rolling out for WhatsApp Web and will be made available for the WhatsApp Desktop client in the upcoming weeks. On November 24, the instant messaging service owned by Meta debuted the feature. Users no longer need to download third-party stickers for WhatsApp thanks to the new functionality, which allows them to make their own stickers in just a few easy steps.

From the same window that they send stickers to their contacts, users may also make their own stickers. “Sticker Maker is now accessible on WhatsApp for the Web, and it will be made available on desktop in the next week. Download the most recent version of WhatsApp for Web or Desktop, choose the attachments icon (paperclip), then Sticker from the chat window, and you can upload a photo and create your own magic from there, the firm said in a news statement.

Users must adhere to the instructions below in order to manufacture their own stickers:

1. Open WhatsApp, then open any chat
2. Click attach (paperclip icon)
3. Select Stickers
4. Upload a photo and make your own sticker with a variety of options for text and effects
5. Click the send button when done

With the use of WhatsApp’s tools, users can draw on their unique stickers, add text, crop them, and even add emojis. 

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