From 12 Years Separation To A Lovely Celebrity Couple: The Love Story Of Bunmi And Bolanle Ninalowo (Photos)

Bolanle Ninalowo is one of the Nollywood actors who loves showing off his beautiful wife, Bunmi, on social media. The actor once said to punch NEWSPAPERS that he is obsessed with his wife and can’t stop showing her off to the world.

However, most people only see the couple showering love on themselves on social media, not knowing that their marriage has been through a lot.

As we all know; No marriage is perfect as everyone has their own differences. So also the union between Bolanle Ninalowo and Bunmi.

Bolanle Ninalowo met his wife in 2004 following his arrival from the United States.

According to the actor, it was love at first sight, as he couldn’t resist taking to her on that day. From there, they became friends and in 2 weeks, they moved in and started living together.

Later on, they tied the knot in the United States where they had a low-key wedding.

However, their marriage experienced the worst after Bolanle Ninalowo put his career first before marriage, as he wanted to build his name as a celebrity.

During the process, he allegedly forgot about his wife that he had to put all of his attention on his career.

This got his wife frustrated that she had to leave him, and the actor who wasn’t even ready to pay attention to his family didn’t felt bad about his wife’s decision, as he saw it as an opportunity to be free from family issues.

According to the actor, he separated from his wife for 12 years, and even during the twelve years, he wasn’t able to achieve the success he had always dreamt of.

However, after reuniting with his wife, the actor claimed that the success he had always wanted was achieved with her help.

No wonder they say; “Behind every successful man, there will always be a woman.

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