Girl catches escaped lion with her bare hands, casually carries it down the street

A Lion roaming on the streets of Kuwait was caught by a girl after it escaped from a home in the Sabahiya area.

Footage which surfaced online shows the moment a woman in Hijab successfully subdued the Lion after it somehow managed to escape from the house of a local resident.

According to local reports, the lion was a pet and it had reportedly been seen wandering the roads in the area, causing panic amongst local residents.

In a video clip posted by Arab Times, the wild cat was eventually captured by the girl who carried it down a street.

A report was made to Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior about the lion’s escape. The environmental police were alerted to the incident and sent to the area to find the lion.

However, the girl had reportedly already captured the animal before police arrived at the scene.

Some local reports suggest the girl and her father are the owners of the lion.

Author: KennyMedia

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