Groom observes his ‘angry-looking’ bride as she refuses to drop knife after cutting their wedding cake [Watch video]

A video which surfaced on social media captures a man’s reaction to his wife-to-be’s decision to hold onto the knife they used to cut cake at their wedding.

The couple were at their wedding reception and the MC asked them to their the cake, but they seemed to be having a little challenge, so a guest lent a helping hand.

However, the highlight of the occasion was when she held the knife and danced while the music played.

The groom could be seen stealing glances at her due to apparent curiousity over why she was still holding the knife.

It generated mixed reactions from netizens with some finding it hilarious, but others said the groom’s fear may be valid going by her facial expression.

Watch the video HERE

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Author: KennyMedia

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