Hausas are the most honest tribe in Nigeria

A beautiful lady identified as Benedicta Nwachukwu has stirred a conversation on social media about the tribe in Nigeria that deserves accolades for honesty.

In a post on her Facebook page, the young woman who is from the south-east, stated that Hausa people are the most honest tribe in Nigeria.

She made the assertion with reference to her experience of living most part of her life in northern Nigeria, which is predominantly populated by Hausas.

Benedicta, wrote; ”Having lived in the North most of my life, i can say the Hausas are the most honest tribe in Nigeria.”

Her post generated different views and opinions, while a larger majority agreed with her, some said good people are everywhere irrespective of tribe.

Read some comments below..

Blessing Osas Inas said; I agree with you.. I was born & brought up in jos ..they can never take anything that doesn’t belong to them.. most of the goodly characters I & my siblings are demonstrating in our lives today.. came from were we had our birth.. God bless Nigeria.. the northern are nice..

Sue Dora; You are right. A true Hausa man’s yes is yes n his no is no, very honest people

Aleeyou Baba Jnr ;You are absolutely right. But hypocrisy and sentiment won’t allow a few to agree with you.

This is the most simple, decent and easiest part of Nigeria for all Nigerians to live with their two eyes closed. Meanwhile, to be frank, politics has started threatening the awesome attributes of the north.

I want to believe that all these insecurity crises are politically motivated.

Oluwarotimi Arogundade; But you said you’ve lived all your life in the north which means your conclusion is narrow since you’ve not lived in other parts of Nigeria.

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