Hijab model, Shatu Garko emerges 44th Miss Nigeria

An 18-year-old girl from Kano State, Shatu Garko, has won the 2021 Miss Nigeria Pageant.

Shatu Garko was a Hijab model before she was crowned Miss Nigeria.

37 participants from different states of Nigeria were selected in the early stage of the pageant.

After some phases, the top 18 contestants were chosen to compete to be the 44th Miss Nigeria, on the last day which was Friday night.

Garko made it to the top eight as a participant from the North West region, alongside other seven participants.

The new Miss Nigeria who loves riding horses, wants to prove that religion is not a barrier to pursuing one’s dream.

As the 44th Miss Nigeria, Garko walks home with N10 million, a brand new car, 1-year residency in a luxury apartment.

Author: KennyMedia

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