How I go come back Naija for Christmas I no get light for days

Popular Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has lamented over the unavailability of electricity which prevented him from properly enjoying Christmas.

The internet sensation in a video he posted online, said that he returned to Lagos, Nigeria from US only to be greeted with power outage.

According to Speed Darlington, he arrived on December 24, and by December 25 there was no light at his place in Lagos.

He said that he bought fuel of over N4,600 for his generator and exhausted it all within 24hours as he was running it non-stop.

Speedy pointed out that the challenges in Nigeria are responsible for pushing young men to marry rich older white women just o they can leave Nigeria.

The singer also said one has to force themselves to like Nigeria because there is nothing that can encourage citizens to love the country.

Watch video of him speaking HERE

Author: KennyMedia

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