How It Started vs How It’s Going: Nigerian Man Shares Beautiful “Happily Ever After” Story (Photos)

A Nigerian man recently visited his LinkedIn page to share a really great story about how he and his current partner met about 8 years ago, but after about two years of friendship, he finally found the courage to ask her out.

Identified as Bayo Lawal, the gentleman shared beautiful before and after photos of themselves and wrote:

It was a sunny day in 2013, I had gone to church to seek God’s face for direction when I saw a beautiful lady on a white dress walking into the church auditorium wearing a white dress, my heart skipped a beat, smiled and thought “This must be an angel” . Few weeks after she was back again to worship and being the fellowship leader of the chapel, I was too serious but not too busy to notice the beauty of this angel. Then she walked up to me & said “I would love to join the workforce” worker”…. “Oh really” I smiled & responded “you are welcome”

I picked interest in her while I was training her group but i wasn’t thinking of any serious affair because at that time I was only thinking of graduating with a first class but yet I was distracted by the beauty & candor of the angel amongst men. I decided I was going to be her friend, I found her to be very calm & cool. So we started rolling together as friends, I was always looking forward to seeing her in the fellowship where we spent quality in presence of God with our minds connected to each other.

Each time I am with her I feel peace and love, so I said to myself one day, ‘I think God sent this angel to me’.. I asked God in prayers and he confirmed the she was mine anddddd so I grabbed it 🤩.

12th of November 2016 was her birthday so I went to her hostel very early that morning with a love note hidden in a book I bought for her as her birthday gift. I think I was shy to ask her out, but I sha did 🤩🤩. Few days after I was expecting an answer but it was as if she didn’t open the book, I was shocked 😳. I waited for months and didn’t get a reply. Hmmmmmmm it was one very long WAIT.

Finally on the 1st of January 2017, after cross over service I received one of the best message of my life from guess who? The very angel God sent to me, it read : “yes I will be your partner, yes I will be your lover, yes I will be your wife, I want to spend the rest of my life with you” .. OH BOY It was a day of celebration!!!

I love you babe with all that is within me and I look forward to ‘husbanding’ YOU for the rest of our lives.

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