“I Am Still A Virgin” – Freaky Freaky Daddy, Macaroni Declares

Nigerian Comedian, Debo Adedayo, popularly known by his stage name as Mr. Macaroni also known as freaky freaky daddy, has shocked his fans with his virginity status.

The comedian, best known for his “Sugar Daddy” character, said on his social media page that he is still a virgin.

He further added that he is probably keeping himself till that special night.

The tweet he shared reads; “I’m still a virgin sha. I’m not like some of you that have misplace inside the world”.

Below are some reactions that trailed the tweet ;

Empress wrote; Daddy wa, @mrmacaronii, Us Virgins need to be appreciated cause it’s not easy to be chaste & upright in this immoral world oh. Please send your fellow virgin something to keep body & soul together and support the ministry, lest we fall into avoidable temptation.

Bright wrote; Not having enough sex can put you at risk of anxiety, depression and paranoia, Avoid Stories that Touch

Vhiqul wrote; Its nice to see we’re still in this world. Good morning co-virgin.

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