I be her papa? – Boyfriend ends phone call after being informed that his girlfriend has been kidnapped (Funny video)

A video of her boyfriend‘s amusing response to the kidnapping prank by Brenda, a Nigerian woman, has surfaced online.

She confessed to having two lovers during an interview with a content creator, who urged her to play a practical joke on one of them.

The young woman provided him the contact information for the man she like more, and they made a call to him.

The man was told that Brenda had been abducted and that a N3 million ransom had been demanded.

The man responded by asking if he was her father and why the abductors hadn’t called him instead of her father.

The boyfriend eventually pretended that the service was broken and ended the conversation after the prankster informed him that she had asked him to call.

Watch Video Here:

Author: KennyMedia

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