“I Danced With A Legend” Nigerian Singer, Simi Said As She Shared A New Video Online


Popular Nigerian singer, Simi has gone viral as she shared a new video of herself on social media.

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However, The video was shared on the official Instagram account of Simi. Below is the screen capture of the post;

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According to her statement earlier today, Simi said; I sang songs to the beautiful birthday girl, and I danced with a legend”.

Furthermore, Simi has the softest voice among the top reigning female singers in Nigeria. Her very tiny but clear voice is so easy to distinguish. Like a trademark, her voice cannot go unrecognized on the radio.

Check out the pictures she posted below;

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In addition, Many Nigerian celebrities are not left out, as they have made progress since 2021 began. Some have sealed new endorsement deals with others releasing new hit albums.

Watch the video below;

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