I’d rather die a virgin than sleep with a broke man

Nigerian-American rapper, Princess Vitarah has stirred controversy on social media after sharing her position on the idea of men who are not rich

The artiste said that she would prefer to keep her virginity if the only men available are broke.

Vitarah who recently became a gospel artiste, took to her Twitter page to make her stance known.

She tweeted; ‘I would rather die a virgin than f**k a broke ni**a’.

In 2021, the controversial rapper Vitarah shocked most of her followers when she announced her decision to quit vulgar music for gospel rap. She even went as far as deleting all her social media posts.

The 23 years old had said that that she is rebranding herself after realising that she does not need to hypersexualize herself to become successful.

Author: KennyMedia

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