“If you like no get sense” – Yul Edochie’s first wife, May under fire over comment on 2baba’s apology post

“If you like no get sense” - Yul Edochie’s first wife, May under fire over comment on 2baba’s apology post

The first wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, May, has drawn the ire of online users after she commented on a post by singer Tuface Idibia.

Recall that 2baba just wrote a lengthy apology to his wife, Annie Idibia, and his family on his Instagram page.

"If you like no get sense" - Yul Edochie's first wife, May under fire over comment on 2baba's apology post

He confesses his undying love for his wife and apologizes for the humiliation he caused her.

As was to be expected, the post received a lot of attention, and internet users flooded the comment section to share their opinions.

May, Yul Edochie’s first wife, was one of those who responded to the post by gushing about their love for one another.

She wrote:

“Awwww! So sweet” 

In response to her message, IG users attacked her, advising her to grow up and welcome her husband back, perhaps after an apology, rather than taking into account the views of fans.

One Iam_dennisgreat wrote:
“@mayyuledochie my dear May please anytime oga Yul begs for forgiveness, please forgive and forget. Don’t allow this evil people on social media planning evil against ur marriage especially those single sisters who are ready to become 10th wife to yul to put wrong ideas inside ur head. Please .”

Ogu_chima wrote:
“@mayyuledochie if you like no get sense…. All this online in-law wey never chop bellefull dey clap for you and you’re listening to them, Anya saakwaa gi ooo. We all know that yul offended you but you have to forgive him and accept him back. Don’t allow Judy to take your husband

Charlesonyi8 wrote:
“@mayyuledochie No marriage is perfect at all. Even you have your own bad sides too. So focus and build ur home. You have beautiful kids they need you and also need there father biko. I love the Edochies for life❤️.”

Freida_sensation wrote:
“@mayyuledochie instead of u to handle your marriage wit maturity u dey online dey follow online aproko dem dey clap for u blindly u dey dance the dance cause na yul be greatest sinner people when get problems full body dey ginger u.”

Charlesonyi8 wrote:
“@mayyuledochie am surprised you wrote this. And you are everywhere supporting those harlots and single mothers that are jumping from one bed to another each time they abuse your husband. My dear have sense and know that nothing good to still come out from those women wey de drag ur husband. Nothing pass family and nothing pass togetherness. He has wronged you yes but my dear forgive him and always support your husband@Yul Edochie.”

Vickyomon1 wrote:
“@mayyuledochie please forgive your husband know marriage is perfect since is not a matter of violence please forgive him do not leave your home or husband for that lady ❤️❤️❤️❤️@mayyuledochie.”

Ellatoms_beauty wrote:
“@mayyuledochie Yul eyes will soon be clear , will be back to you begging on his knees very soon .. that infatuation he thinks is love for that adigboroja Judith will soon fade off ..”

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