Kenyan woman says Nigerian men are the best, pleads with them to organise Men’s conference (Video)


A Kenyan woman has appraised Nigerian men for being romantic and showering their women with so much love.

She said that any woman looking for a full package should go for Nigerian men, especially those from the South-East known as Igbos.

The lady, in an audio-visual clip noted that the men derive joy from seeing their women happy, and they take care of their wives and children.

She then appealed to Nigerian men to organise men’s conference in Kenya. She further said that the men go the extra mile while going on dates as they are chivalrous.

According to her, those from her country do not measure up to male folks from Nigeria in any way.

Listen to the clip below: [Note: You may need your VPN turned on to view Twitter video if you are resident in Nigeria]


Author: KennyMedia

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