Lady reveals her 10-year-old nephew saved and bought a phone but his father stole it

A South African lady has shared a sad story of how a boy bought a phone only for his father to allegedly steal the device.

The young woman identified on Twitter as @Selloane_ revealed that the boy involved is her nephew who is 10 years old.

She said he saved up some money and bought a phone for himself but his dad stole the phone and resold it, after which he spent the money on drinks and women.

The lady sad that the kid was upset over what his father did to him, so she decided that she will buy a new phone for the boy.

In her words; ”My nephew had saved up money to buy himself a phone this December, but his good for nothing dumbass father stole it and spent it on alcohol (and women) and he’s so upset.

He’s already dealing with way more than he should as a 10 year old, so I’m gonna get him a phone

Yoh. I’m so upset. Like why would you steal from your own son? As if I didn’t hate that man enough pls.”

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