Lady who celebrated getting a boyfriend before Christmas sheds hot tears as he dumps her after just five days of dating


A young woman has taken to social media to cry over her short-lived relationship which she was celebrating days ago.

The lady known as Neyah, had announced days ago that she finally got a boyfriend before Christmas and she was happy about it.

”Guess who got a boyfriend before Christmas YEA YEA YEA hoes y’all gone b so lonely in them pajamas by y’all selves LMFAOOOOOO”, she tweeted.

However, just five days after her initial post, she gave an update and revealed that the relationship has ended.

Neyah quoted the former tweet with a photo of a crying lady.

In a follow-up post, the heartbroken lady wrote; ”Y’all prayed for this? Y’all happy now? I’m a lonely ho just like y’all

Like nigga if you ain’t had the money for my Christmas gifts u could’ve just said that.”

The split came months after she tweeted that she would be expecting loads of Christmas gifts from whoever ends up being her boyfriend by December.


Author: KennyMedia

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