Latasha Ngwube mocks male friend for wearing torn underwear, says men need to appreciate the singlets and boxers women buy for them

Nigerian media personality, Latasha Ngwube has said that men need to start appreciating women who buy them underwear as gifts.

She stated this while narrating how she mocked her male friend who complained of his torn underwear.

Latasha revealed that the said friend tried to buy new set of Gucci underwear for N3,500 and pointed out how the singlets and boxers women gift their men would have ben useful in such a situation.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote;

”I was just on the phone with my a guy friend of mine. He’s been a player for a while, never really interested in settling down. He started telling me how he wants to go do some underwear shopping today, complaining to me bitterly about the state of his current undergarments, how his singlets and boxers all have holes in them and how he has no clue why that happens all the time.

I drily respond that maybe it’s his wicked chest hairs that sprout like magic beans that puncture the vests and for the boxers… well hair sef dey there see Anyway after a good laugh he’s lamenting about the high cost of boxers and singlets.

Now my man is thinking of purchasing a “Gucci” set of 3 boxers that he’s for 3,500. I’m like shey when we ladies used to charter boxers and singlets for y’all that year, you people came out on social media to decry the irrelevance of such gifts. Declaring them to be basic now see your life.

Fine boy like you your only options are Chinese Gucci boxers or entering inside Balogun market this period. Valentines is around the corner… you better pray for Somebody daughter to find you worthy of new dress.”

Author: KennyMedia

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