Levels have changed – Accountant considers dumping mechanic boyfriend who sponsored her education

A lady who is confused about how to handle a relationship dilemma has sought advice on social media.

Taking to an online chat forum, she revealed that she wants to dump her mechanic boyfriend despite the fact that he paid her university tuition and they have a son together.

According to the lady who is now an Accountant, she loves him but she feels they are no longer on the same level, especially considering how some peculiarities of his job now irritate her.

She revealed that she met a lawyer who makes her happy and she is considering leaving her boyfriend for him, but she does not know if it will make her a bad person.

In her words; ”I am in a relationship with a mechanic and we have a son together. He paid for my varsity fees and currently I work as an accountant.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my man but I think the levels have changed. I thank him for paying for my education but things have changed. He’s always dirty and smelling of oil or petrol. I tried to ignore it but can’t anymore.

Few weeks ago I met a lawyer guy and we exchanged numbers. We met three times after that and he makes me happy. His fashion sense, education, intellectual capacity etc match mine. We are very compatible. The thought of leaving the dirty mechanic has been playing in my mind since I met the lawyer. Am I a bad person?”

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