Little girl angrily packs her bags and leaves home after being spanked by her mum (Video)

A Little Nigerian girl has been captured on camera moving out of his parents house after being disciplined by her mum.

In a viral video which has sparked mixed reactions on social media, the kid looked visibly angry and struggled to gather her lunch box as well as another bag in readiness for her exit.

Her mum could be seen hilariously appealing to the girl to change her mind, a plea that seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

The kid stormed out of the house with her bags, stealing glances back at her mum while walking away.

Watch the video HERE

See some reactions from social media users..

ezinwannee; I moved out one time to go live with my neighbors and I saw my self at home the next day

ekezzy3; She dey run kitikiti dey run katakata

busolaolufilmist; And it’s her lunch-bag that she is packing. She think say food Dey grow inside the bag

sayhito_alfred; She even said, give me my bag. That gender eeeennnhhhh

t_k_voices_akewi; This pandemic babies

_thes_sah; Very dramatic kid

elizajori; she’s going to grandma’s house.

flexyerica; This is so me whenever I had a fight with daddy growing up.

glorybagsstore; Elegbe girl,na from pikin person go know. am coming in peace



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