Make Mummy G.O no see you oh

Nigerian footballer, Samuel Chukwueze has sparked reactions online after a weird-looking figure was seen during during a live video.

The Villareal forward went on an Instagram lives session to interact with fans, and during the video, his strange shadow on the wall caught the attention of IG users.

Chukwuezeโ€™s shadow had a horn similar to the one used to depict Satan on the TV and online.

Nigerians warned that if popular evangelist Pastor Funmilayo Adebayo nicknamed Mummy GO were to see his video, she would proclaim that he is heading to hell.

The preacher had in an earlier sermon said that anybody who dies as a football star would go to hell.

See the video HERE

Reacting, ekuapaula_ said; But why the shadow looks weird

@jeffcole: Omo, make mummy g.o no see youohย  if not na hellfire straight

efe_bea; No be Lucifer be that

ckjnr_gram; Remember putting on yellow Jersey is a sin thatโ€™s the cloth satan and his cabinets members use to wearhell fire straight!!!!!!!

naomikamara92โ€™s; I for call mummy for u but she don deny say no be she talk all dis stuffโ€ฆ. She say make we day call her for gud tins now

i_am_zorah; but on a serious note whatโ€™s that

gylliananthonette; Why him shadow get horn?

st_7728; hell fire straight

krasivaya24; Mummy G. O somewhere writing new list of names to call



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