Man amazed as he spots Venza being used to hawk local medicine in Abuja (Video)


A video which is circulating on social media platforms captures a man selling traditional herbs from a Toyota Venza on the streets of Abuja.

The motorist who filmed the scene was in awe of the fact that such a car worth millions of naira was being used to sell local medicine.

In the video, the driver of the Venza could be heard marketing his herbal product in Hausa language as he drove round to try and locate potential customers.

Watch the clip HERE

In reaction, some Nigerians felt there was nothing special about it, while others shared in the sentiments that it is a big deal.

blexxiing__xx; Doings get level

ms_agatha26; My sister came from Makurdi, saw highlander loading along in Abuja and couldn’t get over it.

manlike6tus; Na some people whip alert be that oooo

mrpresidennnt; Fela used Benz vboot to carry ewedu back in the days. Zazuuu

_therealjuliet; So somethings still dey surprise una for this country?

fashiondoctor19; Na for Nigeria we dey see cars as treasure. This ain’t no big deal tho

candy_bitchyii; Even though no be Benz Dubai dey use do Uber




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