Man in awe as his girlfriend surprises him with 5 birthday packages representing the 5 senses


A man has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to show off the amazing packages his girlfriend delivered to him as birthday gifts.

He revealed that she gave him five different birthday packages which each represent the five senses, of Taste, Sight, Sound, Touch and Smell.

The man with username @chocolategentww on Twitter, shared photos of the items and described what they all meant to him one after the other.

Each of the gifts came with a note from his girlfriend, and the contained words of affirmation and declaration.

In his words;

”So, I just got my birthday package from bae, the theme of the gift was The 5 Senses. Each gift was based on each of the senses


1. Taste

So, my favourite chocolate is Kit-Kat. She got me a box full of 2-finger Kit-Kat’s with a note attached to each one

2. Sight

When we were together last month, we had a little sip and paint (her painting is my lock/homescreen rn.
She painted these two painting for me and they’re amazing she gave me permission to post only the first one.

3. Hearing/Sound

She got me this jar full of hand-written notes telling me how much I mean to her (I’m supposed to read them out loud. That’s where the sound/hearing element comes in)

4. Touch

She got me this cute wallet because I didn’t have one, only had a card holder. I found these two small photos on her table a while back and said I love them. She put them inside the wallet “With every touch, I hope this gift fills up”

Now, my favourite one

5. Smell

I’ve mentioned to her so many times – even posted on the TL – that this is my favourite cologne. And she got it for me!!! SHE ACTUALLY GOT IT FOR ME!!!!!!”


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