Man raises awareness after a bank allegedly paid him with fake Naira note (Video)


A Nigerian man has revealed that a bank paid him with fake naira note without him realising it till much later.

He said that he visited a bank in the morning to withdraw some money which he wanted to use to pay for a product in another bank.

The man had entered the bank hall and withdrew the money over the counter, however it was when he went to the other bank, that he was made to realise a fake naira note was given to him.

According to him, the bank staff in the second bank was counting the money when she spotted a fake naira note.

She refused to give him the money and said that it would have to be perforated and that if he wants it back, he would have to visit police station with a photocopy of the cash.

In a video posted on social media, he issued an advisory for people to ensure they count their money and inspect it to spot fake currency.

Watch video HERE


Author: KennyMedia

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