Man stops recruiter from hiring his girlfriend because ‘she’s not allowed to work’


A recruiter for a company has shared the unbelievable decision a man took on his girlfriend’s behalf that prevented her from being hired.

According to the recruiter identified as Abiodun Atobatele, the lady applied for the job, was interviewed and fortunately out of all applicants, she was among the 7 people who passed the test and was selected to be employed for the company

However, the lady didn’t acknowledge her employment just like other employees, and the company decided to call the number she provided to know her reason.

A man picked the call and introduced himself as her boyfriend. He went ahead to inform the employers that his girlfriend is “not allowed to work”.

Abiodun wrote;

”Things are happening, We recently did some recruitment.

The interview was online.

We employed 7 young people. The 7 that did very well.

When we sent the letters, one of them didn’t not acknowledge it. We then reached out to her over Phone. A guy picked the call and said, “I am her boy friend and she is not allowed to work, bye bye.”


Author: KennyMedia

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