Married man left totally devastated as he loses his job after finding out the boy he’s been raising for 10 years is not his son


A Twitter user has shared the shocking turn of events that occurred after a man discovered that he’s not the biological father of his child.

The man had been raising the child for about 10 years only for him to find out that the boy is not his son.

According to the tweep, the affected father lost his job due to Covid-19 last year and his wife left him.

However, the most unexpected which twist took place after the series of unfortunate events was his son reuniting with his biological father, leaving the man all alone with no family or means of livelihood.

The tweep with username @justChinks wrote;

”I know a guy who found out the kid he’d been raising for about 10 years was not his. He stayed. He lost his job during Covid. She left. Son is now reunited with his biological father. Moral of the story?”

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@BhagavanDas10 wrote; The boy chose to go back to his deadbeat father over the provider? And the deadbeat father was on standby for 10years not having remarried just waiting to be reunited with his son? Moral of the story, don’t believe everything u read bana.

@eric_wainaina1 said; Y’all ignoring the fact that a kid that’s 10 years has no say in the matter especially if they had been spending more time with the Mom…. Kids just comply with what they are told, imagine being 10.

@_fels1; Hypergamy doesn’t care about a man’s sacrifices.

@Chila41964167; Women can move on when treated badly while in a higher position. I come in peace

@tjlibisi; Don’t expect people you go all out for to do the same for you. People look out for themselves.

@peter_tukutela; Always and always take a paternity test. And when you sure you nutted in there. She might come to bed with you and another guys semen had won the race. Always go for the PATERNITY TEST.

@jamalAlKarim; I know of a guy who took early leave ,came home and lied to his wife that he had been fired, the next morning he woke up to a note from his wife who had left at 4.a.m saying “I’m sorry, I can’t be with someone who can’t take good care of me now that you don’t have a job, bye.”


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