Moment lady got saved from completely falling off a moving train while doing social media challenge (Video)

A young lady was recently saved from falling off a train completely while trying to do a social media challenge.

She tried to participate in the Titanic pose that is trending on TikTok, which involves leaning out of a moving train and posing with hands apart like Rose did in the classic movie.

The incident was reported to have happened in Indonesia and it was being filmed by her friend.

A video posted online captures the lady’s near-death experience while the train was moving fast. An oncoming train caused her to lose her grip on the train’s door and she almost fell off but for the timely intervention of a male passenger.

He quickly grabbed her hand thereby preventing her from falling and being crushed by the train.

Other passengers helped to bring her back into the train and the look on her face was that of thankfulness for being alive and shock after her life flashed before her eyes.

See the clip HERE

Author: KennyMedia

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