Motivational speakers saying ‘Don’t have children if you are broke’ wouldn’t have been born if their parents did same

Princess Dorathy Osaronu, daughter of HRH Dr. J.D Osaronu, King of Onne in Eleme, Rivers State, has shared her thoughts in reaction to a comment by Big Brother Naija star, Ifu Ennada.

Ifu Ennada had in a social media post, said people shouldn’t get married and have children if they are broke.

Taking to Facebook on Monday, Dorathy said she would rather advise people to limit the number of children they have.

According to the entrepreneur, if the parents of people who make the comments that the reality TV star had listened to such advise, many of them would not have been born.

She wrote;

“Some of you motivational speakers saying don’t have children if you are broke would not have been born if your parents did same

How many of your fathers had money in their days? Some of u are from. The poorest background and today have made it.

”A child is a gift from God, It is Children that change the narrative of their family sef.

I would never advice anyone not to have children no matter their financial state, no be all poor men children Dey turn criminal, some poor men children today have elevated their Generation.

”I can only say limit the number of kids you have but to say don’t have kids because you are broke I won’t support that.”

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