Mummy I Didn’t Play Ball, I Didn’t Fall Were His Last Words Justice Must be Served Before i Bury Him

Sylvester Oromoni Snr, the father of a Junior Secondary School two pupil of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, has vowed not to bury his son until justice is served.

Sylvester Snr, in an interview with one of our correspondents on Saturday, said his son would not be buried until justice was served – no matter how long it takes.

He said, “How can he be buried? I cannot bury him until I get justice, until I get to the end of the matter. Even if it takes two or three years, we would be going on. I pray God keep us alive.”

According to the father, about 100 people were present at the posthumous birthday celebration marked with two cakes and a large picture frame of the late Sylvester in various poses.

The father said, “For his birthday today (Saturday), we cut the cakes, displayed his pictures and prayed for his soul to rest in peace. We also went for a church programme after cutting the birthday cakes.

“His sister based in the United State of America asked one of her friends to bake a pilot-themed cake for his birthday because he had always wanted to be a pilot.”

Sylvester Snr however said he would miss his son’s rapport, smiles, love, presence and company.

He said, “Anytime he comes on holiday and I am at home, he is always all over me. We eat together, he asks questions a lot; he is very inquisitive. He can operate his laptop very well and I don’t know how to do that so he guides me on how to do it.”

DOWEN STUDENT: Sylvester Oromoni’s father has revealed his final words before passing away.

According to his father, the late Dowen student did not play football before his death.

This refuted the school’s prior allegation that Oromoni died as a result of a football injury.

Prior to his death, Sylvester’s kid admitted to his father that he didn’t play football in school and didn’t trip and fall.

Junior “opened up” on November 29, when his father was away for a government engagement, according to his father.

In the words of his father:

“‘Mummy, I didn’t play ball; I didn’t fall,’ Junior explained. He leapt from his hostel bed.

They kicked him in the shins and matched his waist. Other students bolted. If they said anything to the school staff, they were all going to be killed. Junior had been instructed not to mention he had been injured while playing baseball.

They made threats against him. Everyone in the room would lie if you asked them. They were the same color as his ribs and waist. For a 12-year-old, that’s a lot of pain.”

The grieving father revealed that Junior told his mum that he didn’t play football, neither did he fall. Thus, countering the school’s claim that he got injured while playing football.

Speaking further, Mr Sylvester said, “They kicked him, matched his waist. Other students ran off. They threatened to kill them all if they spoke a word to the school staff. They warned Junior to say he sustained injuries while playing ball. They threatened him. If you ask the roommate, they’d all lie. They matched his ribs and waist. All that pain for a 12-year-old,” he said, trailing off into a soft sob over the phone.

Sylvester Oromoni speaks

He said Junior suffered liver enlargement due to congealed blood. It was also claimed that Junior was fed with a chemical-like liquid substance for refusing to join the cult.

“The parents of the boys are wealthy. They withdrew them. Some of the parents are planning to fly the children out of the country. The boys are five in number: four are in SS2 while one is in SS1,” he added.

The state police command is yet to comment on this development. Meanwhile academic activities in the school have been suspended for two days.

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