My sister got married without informing anybody in our family

A man identified on Twitter as @ZMjokozeli has taken to the microblogging platform, to reveal how he found out that sister had tied the knot.

He disclosed that she got married last and did not inform any member of her nuclear or extended family.

According to him, the family got to discover through WhatsApp stories that the lady had a secret wedding.

He tweeted; ”My sister got married last year without telling anyone. We only found out on WhatsApp stories.”

A Twitter user @Anonychubbs commented; My cousin also didn’t tell anyone, she just started posting pictures of herself in Makoti clothes on Facebook.

@ZMjokozeli replied; ”Lol mine had an actual wedding.”

When another tweep @fajuju_Matumba asked; So she didn’t invite any family member?? I wonder why

He said; ”We are clearly the problem.”

Author: KennyMedia

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