Na where Wizkid pikin dey stay?

Nigerians have taken to social media to react to a video of superstar singer, Ayodeji ”Wizkid” Balogun’s first son, Boluwatife rapping.

Bolu, whose mother is Shola Ogudu, tried showing off his rap skills, but what generated much interest was the interior appearance of the house he was in.

Some fans believe that the house belongs to Shola, whereas other expressed doubts saying that someone as rich as Wiz would not allow his family to live there.

Watch the video HERE

CorrectNG compiled some reactions from Nigerians on social media..

ibukun_0609; See where wizkid pikin Dey stay ?? Make I quiet

cynthia_baby23; See house

alexdiva1; Person wa get money his son just be like who them go say him daddy is pushing Abeg Oga try Dey look after this boy his talented Nd u never can tell he might be better then u tomorrow help him help his mum stop allowing people to insult them take correction Nd look at other celebrity kids

cherrys_glow1; Una favorite see houx

shurlarr; Most people complaining about the house I don’t get, he’s just a small boi for God sake

yo_gabbe; Make una continue to de comment rubbish. Bitter people

tikay212; I don’t want to believe he lives there, he might be in a friends house and recorded that video… let’s even assume wizkid is not in his life, i don’t think his mother at this new age would have that type of TV on the wall…. people needs to chill

foreva_empire; Which house he Dey do this video? Hope he’s not staying in that house

officialamyann; No this is grandma house who they hang such television the wall

angelctp; Who confirmed that he’s Big Wiz kid ?? Looking at that background and looking at where Zion is living then do the maths.

I don’t think our Big Wiz child will be living in a place like this with that telly he’s so happy to show off no attack pls



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