New video of Wizkid and Tems giving each other space while performing on stage [Watch]

Following the O2 Arena incident that occurred days ago where Wizkid tried to carry Tems while they were performing on stage, a new video has surfaced online showing them giving each other distance during a performance.

Recall that Wizkid was dragged on social media in reaction to the video of Tems trying to stop him from lifting her.

Some claimed it was harassment and improper for him to touch her in that manner as it made her uncomfortable.

Well, just days after the incident, Wiz and Tems graced the stage for a performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Throughout most part of their performance, the singers maintained a visible distance and were almost totally avoiding moving close to each other, but they held hands once towards the concluding part of the video.

Watch video HERE

Author: KennyMedia

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