Nigerian man expresses shock after running into man abroad who bought new Benz solely for using it as taxi (Video)

A Nigerian man has been been left in shock after he ran into a man abroad who bought a brand new Mercedes Benz for the sole purpose of using it to run taxi business.

He was seen in a video questioning the foreigner about the reason for him buying the expensive car and deciding to use it for commercial purposes.

The Nigerian man was recoding the body of the Benz when he requested that the car be opened so he could admire it even more.

He exclaimed in disbelief when the owner reaffirmed that he bought the Mercedes Benz to be used for taxi whereas in Nigeria, Benz owners are accorded a godlike status and respect.

Watch video HERE

Nigerians took to social media to react to the video

officialsoma_; He wasnโ€™t speechless. He actually spoke

zubi_seyi; Itโ€™s for taxi doesnโ€™t mean it isnโ€™t expensive, they have a better economy.

zeepop3; Yes Na his using it to make money naa is their anything wrong with that.

dosh_lowkee; Naji omo werey , thatโ€™s my driver

callmemannierichie; No Dey swear 4 usโ€ฆ. E no go better for you too

aghas_homes; Why is he shouting



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