Nigerian woman gushes over her husband as he forgives her for cheating again

A Nigerian woman has left many social media user in shock after she revealed that her husband forgave her for cheating on him.

She took to microblogging platform, Twitter to gush over him for forgiving her despite it not being the first time she was unfaithful.

The woman with username @MummyGOToluwani described her hubby as a sweet boy.

She wrote; ”This boy is so sweet, he’s forgiving me for cheating again”

Twitter users started asking questions to determine the authenticity of her story and someone noted that he is forgiving her because of he collects something from her and takes to his wife, but Toluwani revealed that she is his wife.

A tweep wrote; ”If you cheat and he forgives you, there three things involved ! 1. he’s not longer in love with you 2. you’re his meal ticket 3. he has a beautiful love of his life that’s he spending what he get from you on, take it or leave that’s the truth.”

The woman replied; ”Not true, we are married”

When another user suggested that something might be wrong with her man, she quickly shut it down.

@SkarasaWaeSenya; ”If it’s not the 1st time you cheating then there’s something wrong about him..”

Toluwani responded; ”No he’s fine”

Another user @MioLa009 wrote; ”He’s just enjoying the s** actually”

But the married woman said; ”Lmao na love please”

@jo_edett opined; ”He’s cheating too”

She then said; ”No he’s not”

When @aush72 asked ”I hope you can return the favour?”

@MummyGOToluwani replied with a simple; Yes

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