Okada Riders detain a man in a video and publicly bathe him, saying, “He hasn’t bathed in three years.”

A young Okada rider from Ghana who supposedly hadn’t showered in three years has been made to do it. In a viral video, an unique “bathing ceremony” was planned for him without his knowledge. The gentleman tried everything to get himself out of the situation, but he was unable.

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A video of a Ghanaian biker having a forced shower, popularly known online as “okada rider” in local slang, has quickly gone viral on social media. The young man attempted to oppose the action he was being forced to perform against his will in the video, which has surfaced on numerous profiles including that of the emerging blog, @alreadyviralofficial, but it did not succeed.

Forcing an Okada rider to take a bath Picture source: Instagram @alreadyviralofficial Source:

Why the okada rider was compelled to take a bath The individual was put through the torture for the following reasons, which were stated by a man who was hiding behind one of the numerous cameras that were capturing the scene:

He hasn’t had a bath in more than 3 years since he dislikes it. Who is this kind of person?

Even if he doesn’t like it, he will have a clean bath today regardless of how the smell makes him feel.

Cons of skimping on baths According to Webmd, when a person does not take enough showers, the buildup of oils can also contribute to the development of acne-causing bacteria. By plugging pores, dirt and dead skin can make the issue worse.

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Simply put, not bathing enough may result in more pimples. Other skin issues, such as dandruff and flare-ups of pre-existing skin illnesses like eczema, can also be brought on by an oil build-up.

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What about if u kill him after doing this thing do u know his reason for not taking his bath


The customer suggestion box was full. By popular request


Good friend are better than brother


Shey na pig wey grow dada


Kikikikiki chai na by force ni? Make una leave am biko, what if him die after the bath?


Nah by force ?


He dey spoil de market giv boys

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