Omokri Reacts To A Mummy GO’s Meme That Says Anyone With White Beards & Is Under 50 Will Go To Hell

Reno Omokri was on his Facebook account once again to react to a Mummy G.O’s meme that talks about one of the features he has.

The Mummy G.O meme is the current trend on social media used by people to share some of the funny things they heard from the said Mummy G.O while preaching. Some also use it as a form of sharing funny messages.

Reno Omokri came across one of memes and the message conveyed by the meme talks indirectly about Reno Omokri. It was written on the meme that if someone has white beards and is under the age of 50, the person is going straight to hell. The meme got Reno Omokri screaming in Yoruba language saying”Ha! Mo gbe! mummy GO, kini mo se fun yin now? E sa nu mi!”. When translated to English, Reno Omokri said “Ha! I’m done for! Mummy GO, what have I done to you now, please have mercy on me!”.

This is actually funny because this really caught Reno Omokri unaware.

Read Reno Omokri’s reaction to the Mummy GO meme below.

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